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« on: April 30, 2013, 10:07:32 pm »
When I use shakey heads, I think of finesse fishing so I only use spinning outfits with them. I like using a 7' med action rod and I never go bigger than 10lb line. As far as working the lure, I usually do a few things. I will slow drag it n before I move it again I will shake the tip of my rod with the intention of not moving the weight but getting the worm to twitch. If that doesn't work, I will hop it just off the bottom. When it hits bottom again I will let it soak for a couple seconds then hop it again. If that doesn't work I will just drag it without any tip movement across the bottom and just let the current/movement of the drag do the work.

As far as worms go, I agree with Derrick. I normally use some type of straight tailed/finesse worm n try not to go bigger than a 6" worm. Very rarely I will try a curly tailed worm. Although I do wanna get some of those punkin' Ed(or equivalent) n try a magnum style worm/shakey head technique.