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Re: shakey head
« on: April 30, 2013, 07:19:26 pm »
I'm no expert but this is what I do:

Very light shaky heads you have to use spinning gear.  That said, I dont use a lot of super light ones.  Most of the time i'm throwing a 1/4oz shaky head.  I use it on regular line, that said my line doesn't stretch as much as...lets say Berkley XL or XT.  I use a copolomer simular to P-Line. So, I dont use fluro all that much except as leaders sometimes. All the pros swear by it but it cost twice as much and doesn't last any longer than mono.  But if you did go with fluro you would feel the bottom better.  Anyways, I really like these shaky head hooks:
As far as baits, I have some smaller shaky head worms (real small, say 4")  that I'll use sometiimes but usually i'm using zoom trick worms or other long and skinny worms.
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