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Re: Extra battery
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Got the battery. There goes $110. Didn't have 6 gauge cables on hand at this store but had 4 gauge out the ying yang. Does it matter on gauge? I know how the numbers work. Big #, small wire. Small #, big wire.

What D'Chill said.  I told you 6 gauge because they'd be cheaper and I know you don't have bigger going to your TM.  In all reality, for a 2' length carrying 12v, 10 gauge will work, but in a marine environment we always want more than just "that will work".  We want overkill wherever possible. 4 gauge is way better. 
I will also make sure you have a fuse in line somewhere so that will go before your TM

that charger will work for two 12v wired in series too.  Basic electrical theory