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Re: Extra battery
« on: March 25, 2014, 10:41:11 am »
Won't use wing nuts on crank battery. Just extra t/m battery. That way I can switch on fly if I need to. I'll make sure to also have lock washers. No loose connections for me. I hate that. Only thing I don't like about alternator charger ( that I read ), is that they charge t/m battery after crank battery is charged. With electronics on and short runs, not sure it that would work for t/m battery.

Exactly.  They work good for a boat that the main cranking battery is ONLY used for cranking battery and nothing else.  As soon as you power fishfinder, GPS, livewell, bilge, lights etc... that is alot of amp draw and the battery charger will probably spend all it's time charging cranking battery. 
Your best bet might be to, when you get your other battery, wire them in parallel for your TM.  That'd give you up to 14 hours of trolling time.  Then, when you get home just plug in your charger.