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« on: March 24, 2014, 07:58:00 pm »
I guess I'll just have to get a new battery, some wing nuts and change batteries on the fly. Just hate running out of power after 6 hours. Of course that's mainly on windy days. After I get my taxes back, I'll get the alternator charger.

If you purchase another battery for your TM, wire it in parallel like I described earlier.  Your voltage will remain 12v but your amp hours will double.  If you have a couple decent deep cycle batteries hooked in parallel, your trolling motor life on one charge will be tremendous. 
No need to add more electrical components.  One thing I have learned after years of messing around on boats is the simpler you can have your electrical, the better.  Not only is it easier and cheaper right off, it is easier to maintain, inspect, less potential for failure and cheaper to replace should something go bad.
again, wiring two batteries in parallel:  you need two 2' lengths of 6awg wire (autozone, one red, one black for easier ID).  Use one jumper (red) to go from POS on Batt 1 to POS on Batt 2, the other jumper (black)  from NEG on Batt 1 to NEG on Batt 2.  Then from POS and NEG on Batt 2 are your 12v supply to the TM.  Another good thing to add to ALL connections on a boat is dielectric grease.  Keeps moisture/corrosion off connections.
Also even though they are of common use, wing nuts have a reputation for loosening themselves giving you the "pucker factor" when you are in the middle of the lake (or offshore 24 miles) and your motor doesn't start.  Then you realize after 30 minutes of frantically running around the boat that the wing nuts came loose, again.