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I sent a email to a Bass Pro rep asking him if there was anything they could do to help me fix the problems on my boat. I sent pics of the seats, finders on trailer, and trolling motor plug cover, since my boat was only two years old . I got a call today from Bass Pro telling me that they want to fix all the issues on my boat. They said it will take 4 to 6 weeks for all the parts to come in and they will contact to set up a time to bring my boat in.

I priced to see what it would cost to do all the repairs myself and it would cost me over $1500.00..... To be honest I did not think they would do anything for me since I was out of warranty...

Are they going to charge you?  That seems like a long time for a dealer to get parts on their own stuff since you could get it to your house in a week......just sayin

Well got the call from Bass Pro in SC and they asked me to bring my boat in this Monday Morning at 0830 so they can do all the replacement of seats and other issues I have with the boat.

I can't wait to get my boat back to new condition...

Anyone want to take a ride for the day with me to SC..

Stephen LaRose:
Lunch on you lol

Yea if you want to go Steve..


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