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Had to call the Game Warden

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Jake Harvey:
So when I pulled up to my hunting spot yesterday I noticed that there were three deer that had the horns cut off the head and that was it... laying on the side of the road. Not gutted, skinned or had any meat removed. It really irritates me that people go out hunting and kill deer just for their horns. I myself would consider myself a pretty avid hunter. I have hunted since I was 7 with my dad. I have killed deer and seen deer killed. and with all those years and deer killed I have never actually shot a buck with horns. But I did put food on the table for my family. My dad is also a butcher and I know how to process deer and love Venison. I don't know it just bothered me and thought I would tell the Game Warden about what was going on because to me that is ethically and Morally just Effed up. Shoot, I just killed one out there on Friday and guess where it is. 1lb packages in my freezer of deer burger, breakfast sausage, and steaks. Those people need to get busted and have all fish and game privileges revoked for life. thoughts?

Hopefully the warden find the a** and put them in jail. I really hate that crap.

On a different note, got some spare venison? Love it to death and son has never tried it. Wife won't eat "Bambi".

James Hart:
Yea I agree that is wrong, no animal should be wasted like that

DC Reel Service:
I really need to get into hunting. I'd love to go deer hunting.

Stephen LaRose:
dude.. this pi55es me right off... I hope they found them


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