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summer open 3 - Jordan


Looking at doing an open at Jordan Saturday August 10th out of Poes ridge ramp , 6am till 11 am
entry will be 50 per boat with 10 of that going to big fish and the club keeping 10 per entry the remaining 30 will be paid out to winners
5 fish limit with three fish greater then 14" as per state law - other two fish must be greater then 12"
Fish alone or with one partner
Dead fish will not count for big fish pot and cannot be culled out. A 1/4 lb penalty will be issued per dead fish at weigh in
All boats must be within the No wake Zone before 11am , a 1 lb per minute late penalty will be enforced
Short or illegal fish will be rejected at weigh in and a 1 lb penalty will be issued per fish

We will pay out 1st place only up to 5 boats - boats 6-10 will pay 1st and 2nd - boats 11 and higher will pay 1st 2nd and 3rd

I will begin crossposting this open Monday so please confirm here if you will be going so clubmembers have first priority

BTW We have the new scale !!!! but we will need a case for it so it does not get messed up

I'll be there


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