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We are hosting an open July 20th at Falls lake, Upper Barton ramp , 6 am - 11 am
Five fish limit 12 inch minimum with three fish must be over 14 inches in accordance with state laws,
Fish alone or with a partner cost is 25 per boat with additional 5 dollar big fish pot
The club will keep 5 from every entry to fund our new scale.
We will pay one place per 5 boats entered capped at 15 boats due to permit
Dead fish cannot be culled
Dead fish penalty of .25 lb and dead fish cannot be weighed for big fish pot
Short or illegal fish will be rejected at weigh in and a 1 lb penalty will be issued per illegal fish
All boats must be within the no wake zone at 11am a  1 lb per minute late penalty will be enforced
Please confirm here first so I can get boat numbers issued
I will be crossposting this open beginning tomorrow to give club members first chance

Payout boats 1-5 entered 100% to winner
Boats 6-10    70 - 30 split between 1st and second
boats 11 - 15   60/25/15  split for 1st 2nd 3rd

I'm down

I am in!!

I'm in.


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