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If you're a do-it-yourselfer and don't know what to do with that worn out coffee table, end table, night stand or want to spruce up your kitchen or anything else, call me. I CAN help. I'm not the guy to tell you what to do, take your money, then leave. I'm the guy that will show what materials to use and how to use them for a beautiful finish. I'll even buy the sample materials to show you the proper way to use them.

Don't want to do it yourself? No problem. I can beautify it for you. Give it to me to refinish and you will think it was brand new from the store.

Need something made? I can do that too, (within in my capabilities of space and your budget). Almost anything from a coffee table, buffet hutch to a full kitchen.

Very reasonable rates for all and discounts for active duty military and first responders as well.
For an appointment or if you just want to see my portfolio before making a decision, call or text me at:
James S.

Stephen LaRose:
Wheres the teacher discounts  :P

I will spread your business out there for you swish!

DC Reel Service:
How about hardwood floors?

Thanks Steve. And I apologize for forgetting about teachers. Teachers are an important part and influence to everyone's life, child or parent. So, to answer your question Steve, yes. Even discounts for teachers.

Jake Harvey:
So since I'm active duty military, and my wife is a high school teacher do we get the double discount?


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