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Selling my fishing rods and reels


Hey Guys I am selling my fishing rods and reels to make room for my new Kistler Rods and Ardent Reels. Duckett Micro Magic Crankbait Rod 7 ft is 110.00, 2 Duckett Ghost Rods 6'10" Medium is 65.00 each. Revo Winch 100.00, Revo Premier 100.00 and Revo S 65.00. JB CUSTOM ROD SENKO ROD 6'9" 110.00
Brand New Duckett Ghost 7 ft Med Hvy 90.00 still in the wrapper.

James Hart:
I would be interested in the jb, will u take any less for it, say $75?

Say $85 and we got a deal!!!

James Hart:
Ok, sounds good

Thanks I will be around the house this afternoon


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